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More Valuable than my MBA!

JP – Senior Executive – satisfaction rating 8/10


Things have not only worked out for the better, but I am feeling just so much happier and relaxed within myself, I am fit, having fun and enjoying life. In some ways a walking testament to your process - let me know if my story is of interest, as I would be happy to share it with interested others.

Gordon H – Senior Executive – satisfaction rating 9/10


With Michael’s coaching we achieved more strategically

in three months than in the previous two years!

David – Director – satisfaction rating 8/10


Our weekly and recently monthly meetings has provided me support and guidance and has greatly enhanced my professional and personal out look on life.

Sam P – Learning and Development Manager – satisfaction rating 9/10


Doing the coaching has given me the strength I did not know I had, and made me really think about issues in my life.  I see it as a turning point in my life.

Laurelle – Production Controller – satisfaction rating 9/10


Michael was fabulous.  He really listened when we first met – I was quite up-set.  I wasn’t happy at work and wasn’t performing up to my usual high standards.  Through the coaching series my confidence increased dramatically.  My sales improved over 70%.  It was also the insights I gained that made the experience so valuable.  Specifically I realised that I truly am responsible for how I feel and perform. I was able to take action and change both!  I am continuing the coaching with Michael and would highly recommend him.

Samantha – Sales Executive – satisfaction rating 9/10


Enjoyed the opportunity to talk through issues.  Helps clear the mind and bring out possible solutions

John P – Financial Controller – satisfaction rating 8/10


I really look forward to our sessions.  Often I arrive pressured and out of focus.  I always leave feeling better, clearer and ready to take action. Thanks for keeping me on track

Dino – Marketing Director -- – satisfaction rating 10/10


I was able to improve my productivity by about 50%.  Not only did I improve my organisational skills (not just knowing what to do, but DOING IT), I also felt great because each day I was working on the projects that have the biggest impact on the company!

Andrew C – Director – 8/10


I was able to reach my goals in less than 3 months – there is no doubt that the coaching was significant in accelerating my achievement of these outcomes.

I now work 8-10 hours less per week yet my sales have exceeded my targets.

Richard G – Real Estate Executive – rating 10/10


Michael helped me gain a new perspective on my own performance.  The coaching enabled me increase confidence, improve productivity and develop my strengths.  I have recommended Michael to several colleagues and friends.

Koby J – eCommerce Executive – satisfaction rating 8/10


I took on the coaching to improve my people management skills.  Not only did these skills improve but I got many more insights to my thinking and behaviour.  Michael helped my see that I worry too much and that I can be more positive.  I now listen more actively and live more in the ‘now’.

NJ – Senior Executive -- – satisfaction rating 8/10


Michael has been an enormous support for me.  I have overcome an inbuilt fear of accounting – and I never thought that would happen.  I have gained the confidence to create a new vision for my business that I am really excited about.  The constant insights I get from the coaching are just amazing.

Elizabeth W – Director -- – satisfaction rating 10/10


The coaching with Michael helps me keep the business on track with the IMPORTANT projects, not just handling the urgent ‘in my face’ stuff.

Steve R – Director -- – satisfaction rating 9/10


The program was just great.  My confidence increased significantly.  I am now making 25% more calls and 50% more cold calls.  My sales are up and I can see much more growth going forward.

Matt P – Sales Executive -- – satisfaction rating 9/10


I also enjoyed our session yesterday. You can't shut me up once I've started!

It's great to have someone to listen to me without passing judgment.

GP – Finance Manager


Coaching was a great experience for me.  I realised that I truly can achieve whatever I want to set myself to achieve.  I learnt that my actions have a lot to do with my attitude.  When I started the coaching I was off-track.  Through the process my performance increased (over 50% increase in sales), my confidence is up and my stress levels are down.  Through the support of my coach I was able to assess “where I am now” and look at where I want to be.  Overall I rate the coaching 9/10.  I am really confident and excited about moving forward and I happily recommend Michael – he is a great coach!

Gary – Sales Executive -- – satisfaction rating 8/10

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