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time management coaching benefits

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time management coaching benefits

Why do individuals and organisations use coaches?

What are current Australian trends?

What is the return on investment?

Organisations and Individuals have used Time Creation Coaching to overcome.......

What results can I expect?

Our clients tell us they get these benefits:


Why do individuals and organisations use coaches?

People who use coaches tend to be successful, forward thinking people who look for opportunities to be continually growing.  Often they realize that there are 1 or 2 areas where they require some assistance to move forward from where they are right now.

A recent survey in the USA by global career services firm Lee Hecht Harrison, indicated that 90% of the companies surveyed are now engaging executive coaches for their staff. 70% of companies used coaches to help develop leadership. 64% used them for skill development. 30% used them for success after recruitment or promotion. 40% used them to retain top people. The reason companies generally chose coaching over training was the emphasis on sustainable performance and behavioural changes that were not evidenced as outcomes of training programs.


What are current Australian trends?

In the L.E.A.D. 2001 Survey conducted by Leadership Management Australia and Quantam Market Research, the findings from those companies participating indicate that:

Amongst Business Leaders

·         19% have an executive coach

·         95% with a coach find having a coach beneficial

·         56% without a coach would find having a coach beneficial

Amongst Senior Managers

·         10% have an executive coach

·         88% with a coach find having a coach beneficial

·         59% without a coach would find having a coach beneficial


What is the Return on Investment?

 Did you know that to replace a ‘white collar‘ employee in Australia, it will cost your company between 12 and 18 months of their salary in real and hidden costs?  For a ‘blue collar‘ employee the cost is 6 to 12 months.  Can you afford those costs or the disruption?

Australia is behind the USA in this trend but it is starting to catch up.  When do companies move to coaching?  When they understand that coaching is not about fixing problems but about recognising that their employees are individuals and that getting the best out of them involves developing them individually.  So if keeping your best people, developing existing and future leaders, and enhancing people skills (to add to the profitability of your business) is important to you then coaching is a key part of the solution.

Organisations & individuals have used Time Creation Coaching to overcome:

  • A plateau in personal, sales or business growth

  • Being caught in the chaos around them and are feeling overwhelmed

  • An unfulfilled dream

  • Lack of ownership and accountability for a project

  • Inability to move from an uninspiring and boring role/career

  • Isolation & lack of a confidante when starting/running a business or division

  • Working long hours for average income

  • A lack of strategic focus because they feel they are required ‘in the business’ – so they don’t work ‘on the business’

  • Lack of clarity caused by being so busy day-to-day

  • A lack of work/life balance

  • Poor productivity (ineffective use of time)

  • Team imbalance

  • Poor self-awareness

 What results can I expect from Time Creation Coaching?

Your individual situation and goals will determine your outcomes. Many of our clients report that their expectations (of their time with us) are exceeded. To give you more of an idea, here are some examples of the results our clients achieve. These comments are taken from letters, emails and comments our clients have sent us.

”With Michael’s coaching we achieved more strategically in 3 months than we had in the previous 2 years”  DJ Director, Kea Designer Sportswear

Our clients tell us they get these benefits:

  • More effective use of time and resources

  • Life-Work integration – a far greater balance and understanding of what’s important

  • Increased confidence and belief in themselves

  • Increase profits/incomes/sales

  • Stress Reduction

  • Happier/Healthier/Fitter

  • More in touch with “my purpose and passion”

  • Greater self-awareness

  • More sustainable energy

  • Attract better circumstances into their life

  • Forward Momentum


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