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Time Creation Coaching was created to fulfil the need to help time poor individuals become time rich.  We recognised this need after hundreds of hours of coaching where the most common phrase was "I don't have enough time!"

We GUARANTEE to help you create an extra hour a day!  Book a free session to find out how we do it.

Our values are integrity, "stretch", continuous learning, connected spirituality and contribution.  We live our values everyday which includes supporting World Vision, Opportunity International and Make a Wish Foundation.

Enjoyed the opportunity to talk through issues.  Helps clear the mind and bring out possible solutions”   – John CFO.

Michael Erwin  

Michael Erwin

BBSc, Grad Dip Org Psych, Certified Coach

Michael’s passion for creating peak performing organisations, teams and individuals began over 20 years ago.  His experience in consulting, sales & marketing, management and AFL/VFL football, has built a wealth of expertise that creates engaged employees and customers.  Many clients have created amazing changes and attracted wonderful outcomes in to their lives through Michael’s coaching.  “I tell my clients to be ready to be amazed – now you are in coaching the universe works for you to deliver your dreams.  What dreams would you like to achieve?”

 Faith is the ability to see the invisible, to believe in the incredible. That is what enables you to receive what the masses think is impossible. Clarence Smithison.


Graham HowesGraham Howes - Results Coaching Systems Certified Coach

Live life to the fullest -- this is the philosophy Graham lives by and encourages others to pursue. This attitude has allowed Graham to enjoy a balanced life style. Along the way learning that belief and a relaxed mind allows us to review options, find the solutions and to achieve desired outcomes.

The specific results you desire may vary from, improving time management skills, achieving sales targets or staying healthy. Graham’s life and 25 years business experiences including senior roles in a multi national organisation, will assist you in moving to the next level.

“I encourage you to take some time in the very near future to review your life balance to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities.”

Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know – It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.      John Ruskin.

Nicole McAuliffe

Nicole McAuliffe -
CLC, B.Ed (Envi Sci), MBA

 Nicole has over 10 years experience in the corporate world, working across large logistics, telecommunications and financial services businesses.  She has spent time as a Change Management consultant helping large organisations make the most out of their people during times of transition and change.  Nicole is passionate about helping people to live the life they have always wanted - with more quality time, loving and fulfilling relationships, their ideal business, dream career, more energy, more balance and more fun!

Nicole works with people ready for positive changes; who want a life without regrets.  She works with middle to senior executives, teams, professionals, people starting up a business or wanting to work smarter.   Nicole loves working with anyone who is truly committed to moving forward and really getting what they want out of life.


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