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time management coaching resources

Time Creation Coaching

43 ways to create time

  1. Create a sense of urgency do things now
  2. Clear specific goals
  3. Monthly planning
  4. Weekly planning
  5. Daily Planning
  6. Prioritising
  7. Allocating time to each planned task
  8. Taking a refuel break
  9. Analysing time usage
  10. Delegating
  11. Turn off the TV
  12. Exercise
  13. Healthy Eating
  14. Helping others
  15. Hugging a friend or family member
  16. Laughing out loud
  17. Finishing a task before moving on to the next one
  18. Drink less alcohol or coffee or stop smoking
  19. Read non-fiction books (personal development and biographies)
  20. Listen to personal development tapes
  21. Get a coach or mentor
  22. Build belief in yourself
  23. Meditate
  24. Use a weekly scoreboard
  25. Say thank you
  26. Show clear specific gratitude to someone you love
  27. Give specific praise
  28. Continually ask what is the most productive use of my time right now?
  29. Get in touch with and act on your intuition
  30. Work less than 10 hours a day (it's amazing how you still things done!)
  31. Plan personal/family fun time
  32. Ask for help
  33. Research ways others have completed similar tasks
  34. Identifying unfinished business
  35. Acknowledging the fear associated with tasks
  36. Be OK with whatever happens
  37. Find the positive from every experience
  38. Detach from the outcome rather than be emotionally in need
  39. Be yourself (no faces)
  40. Look for ways to simply a task/challenge
  41. Use a 31 day and 12 month tickler files
  42. Do it, Delegate it or Dump it
  43. Connect with and experience BEING NOW (in the end it is not our possession but our experiences that bring happiness)


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